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  • Cloud 9 Smoker

    Cloud 9 Smoker
    Cloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 Smoker
    Cloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 SmokerCloud 9 Smoker
    Cloud 9 Smoker

    The Cloud 9 Smoker Smoke Machine

    Smoke training used to be a nightmare for teachers using glycol based smokers that frequently clogged, produced rapidly dissipating smoke that burned when inhaled, and left slippery residue on surfaces. That all changed with the introduction of this new self cleaning, mineral oil based, Cloud 9 Smoker, which produces huge amounts of pure white smoke, doesn't cause breathing discomfort, has superior hang time, and leaves no slippery residue. The Cloud 9 Smoker features the Automatic Clean Cycle (ACC), that kicks in every time the machine is used. Change your next training nightmare into a dream, with the Cloud 9 Smoker machine!

    Cloud 9 Specifications

    • The entire Smoke Machine has a five-year warranty.
    • The Smoke Machine is based exclusively on a mineral oil based and inert gas system.
    • The Mineral Oil based smoke provides a superior hang time in a dense smoke that is tougher to navigate and ventilate providing a more realistic training environment.
    • The Smoke Machine utilizes an inert gas pressurization system for moving the liquid. No pump is required.
    • The smoke particle size produced is less than 1 micron to provide dense, realist smoke.
    • The Smoke Machine has an engineered Auto Clean Cycle (ACC) to self clean the nozzle.
    • The controller is remote and has a timer function to allow repeatability from a location outside of the smoke room.
    • A roll cage frame is constructed of steel for strength and durability, and it protects all components of the smoke machine in a design that enhances lifting and user safety. The frame is constructed of square tubular steel that is one inch or greater.
    • The Smoke Machine comes standard with pneumatic tires, a full height frame, and a full width tilt-up handle for easy positioning and quick, one-man deployment and protection during training exercises.
    • The unit runs at least 3 hours per gallon of fluid and has a fluid reservoir of at least 0.65 gallons providing 2 hours of run time.
    • The unit uses an inert gas for a propellant and uses less than 2.2 lbs. per hour at 40 psi.
    • The unit weighs less than 82 pounds, and is less than 20.75" High, 22" Wide and 18.75" Deep.
    • Your choice either 110VAC or 220VAC.
      Power Consumption is less than 1400 watts.
    • We want to be your fluid supplier!
      We look forward to being the answer to your smoke and fog needs.


    • Zero Visibility OIL™ 144 Gallon Pallet

      Zero Visibility OIL™ 144g Pallet

    • Zero Visibility OIL™ 55 Gallon Drum

      Zero Visibility OIL™ 55 Gallon Drum

    • Zero Visibility OIL™ Case

      Zero Visibility OIL™
      Smoke Fluid

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 16 Liter Case

      MDG Neutral™ Smoke
      Fluid Case, Jug, Drum, Tote

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 200 Liter

      MDG Neutral Fluid™
      200 Liter

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 20 Liter Jug

      MDG Neutral Fluid™
      20 Liter Jug


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