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  • MDG Neutral Fluid 20 Liter Jug

    MDG Neutral Fluid 20 Liter Jug

    MDG Neutral Fluid 20 Liter Jug

    Safe, non-toxic, with the longest hanging time

    For machines that use "oil base" fluids only. The smoke created with "Neutral Fluid" behaves similar to smoke from actual fires. The advantages of the "oil base" fluids are numerous, for example:

    • Due to the fine particle size, a little fluid will make a great deal of smoke. This saves money since you need to buy less fluid. It also means there are fewer products in the air.
    • The smoke has a much greater hang-time.
    • There's near zero residue, and the infinitesimal amount, if any, is exceedingly easy to clean up.
    • The smoke travels very well in a ducted system... much better than water base.
    • In a heated environment an upper layer will stay trained for at least several minutes.

    Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Safety Data Sheet: SDS

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 1000 Liter Tote

      MDG Neutral Fluid™
      1000 L Tote

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 16 Liter Case

      MDG Neutral™ Smoke
      Fluid Case, Jug, Drum, Tote

    • MDG Neutral Fluid 200 Liter

      MDG Neutral Fluid™
      200 Liter


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