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  • Golden Eagle XL SmokeMaker

    Golden Eagle XL SmokeMaker

    Golden Eagle Electric Start XL SmokeMaker
    Thermal Aerosol – Fog Petroleum Based, Resonant Pulse Principle

    The Golden Eagle Electric Start XL SmokeMaker – This fog generator employs the resonant pulse principle to generate hot gases flowing at high velocity. The high velocity gases atomize the formulation instantly so that it is vaporized and condensed rapidly causing negligible formulation breakdown. The fog particle size is readily controllable from approximately 0.5 to 50 microns and greater. The smaller particle sizes correspond to the lower formulation flow rates and the larger particle sizes correspond to the higher formulation flow rates. This machine is intended for outdoor use and for enclosed spaces with volumes of more than 500 cubic feet (14 cubic meters). Use in more confined spaces may create a fire or explosion hazard.

    Golden Eagle Features

    Thermal Aerosol-Fog Petroleum-Based, Resonant Pulse Principle.
    This machine is one of the world's finest insecticide fog generators, built to precision standards. With reasonable care and maintenance, this efficient mechanism will provide many hours of service. For best results, this fog generator must be operated and maintained in compliance with these instructions.

    Golden Eagle Output

    • Formulation Output: 0-9 Gal/Hr. 0-34 liters/hr.

    Golden Eagle Working Principle

    The engine is essentially a tube with a combustion chamber, an intake valve, and a supply of a combustible mixture of fuel and air. To begin, a negative pressure is created in the fuel tank by depressing a flexible priming bulb. This draws fuel into the priming bulb, which is then forced into the antechamber and combustion chamber, where it is ignited by the spark plug. An explosion occurs in the combustion chamber driving the gases out the engine tube. The negative pressure created by the gas flow out the engine tube causes the intake valves to open allowing more air to pass through the venturi of the carburetor. The air passing through the carburetor aspirates fuel from the carburetor in a combustible mixture. This mixture is ignited again and the cycle is repeated. The frequency of repeated explosions is many times per second.

    Golden Eagle Dimensions

    • Length: 55 (In.) 139.7 (Cm)
    • Width: 11 in or 27.9 cm
    • Height: 15.5 in or 39.3 cm
    • Fog Particle size: 0.5-50 Microns
    • Shipping data: L x W x H: 55 x 11 x 15.5 (in)
    • Weight: 30 lbs.
    • Volume: 5.43 Cu. Ft.

    Golden Eagle Electric Start XL Instruction Manual


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