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  • Pro Clean Supreme™ Fluid

    Pro Clean Supreme™ Fluid

    Pro Clean Supreme™ Fluid

    Pro Clean Supreme is specially designed for optimizing performance while providing longevity of any effect machine, Pro Clean Supreme is the ultimate cleaning solution for atmospheric effect heat exchangers. This advanced preventative maintenance fluid has been utilized by service technicians for years of both cleaning and storing effect machines. Utilizing Pro Clean Supreme fluid on a regular basis reduces clogging and further extends the life of your American Safety & Smokemaker effect machines. By using the highest grade chemicals available while remaining eco-friendly, American Safety & Smokemaker fluids are both effective and safe.

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    Features Pro Clean Supreme™ Fluid

    • Highly-efficient cleaning solution
    • Water-based, no residues
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Cost effective preventative maintenance solution
    • Keeps all Martin effect machines performing consistently
    • Reduces clogging of heating elements when used regularly
    • Used by professionals

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