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  • SmokeGiant2™

    Built to Order
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    SMOKE GIANT 2 SmokeMaker

    The SmokeGiant2™ is available for purchase, rental, and rental with operator.

    The SmokeGiant2™ This machine is capable of projecting vast volumes of dense smoke or haze over a very large area. It is designed and constructed to withstand the heavy treatment associated with Emergency Services both in-doors and open-air environment.

    The SmokeGiant2™ has proven its worth in applications, including training for simulated disasters, emergency evacuation, test of emergency air evacuators for large area lobbies... airflow studies, test of smoke detection systems within large volume air handling systems...

    All the self-contained SmokeGiant2™ requires is a power connection and a short warm-up... its unique capabilities include: Producing over 176,500 cubic feet of dense smoke or light haze (your choice) per minute, the SmokeGiant2™ has a 450cfm fan that can propel smoke up to 115 feet (35 meters). The 19" rack-mounted controller may either be operated from its 'on-board' position or remotely mounted on a 22-pin socapex extension lead.


    • One year warranty
    • Smoke Output: Approx. 176,000 cu.ft./min for approx. one minute. Continuous smoke output can be set from approx. 5 to 40%. You may leave the Giant set to full continuous output; however, its circuitry will adjust to the available power and reduce the smoke output volume to approx. 40% or 70,000 cu. ft./min.
    • Rental and Rental with operator: Daily and weekly rates are available.
      The travel start point for rentals of the SmokeGiant2™ is central Virginia. We often provide this machine, with operator, to fire safety training sites, as well as commercial construction projects under deadline for certificates of occupancy, fire marshall approval of air evacuation systems, etc. If required, we can have a SmokeGiantTM at your site on short notice. Please contact us to discuss your rental.


    • 5000w heater (25A @ 208-240v, On-board 25 Amp breakers)
    • 20 minute heat up time
    • On-board independent smoke and fan controls with 20 volume settings (5% increments) for each. Timer and count down readouts are included. DMX operation ready.
    • Fluid level sensing with auto shut off if too low.
    • Two x 2.5 Gal. fluid containers. Consumption (max.) 17 oz./min.
    • Direct Thermal Protection Device
    • Simple On / Off remote Umbilical control included.
    • Dimensions & Weight: 39" x 29" x 30" 370 lbs., 407 lbs. (with full fluid)
    • SmokeGiant2™ PDF Document PDF Download:
      SmokeGiant2™ PDF Document

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