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  • ZV40,000 SmokeMaker

    ZV40,000 SmokeMaker

    The ZV40,000 SmokeMaker

    The ZV40,000 produces a non-toxic smoke effect, using a highly refined mineral oil-fluid. Its 20" ball-bearing wheels and knobby-pneumatic tires provide excellent mobility. Our two-stage heating system helps create a swelling-puffy smoke effect rated at approx. 40,000 cubic feet per minute. Perfect for Military and Firefighter training applications.

    ZV40,000 Features

    • One year limited warranty
    • No external power needed
    • Adjustable height handle
    • Big 3" mouth on formulation tank for easy filling
    • Low maintenance, easy start Briggs & Stratton engine
    • Kick stand for stable parking
    • Flameless

    ZV40,000 Output

    • Rated at approximately 40,000 cubic feet per minute
    • Formulation Output Controllable: 0-6 gallons per hour (Dry fog, 4 gallons per hour)
    • Fog Particle Size Controllable: 0-50 microns

    ZV40,000 Construction/Specifications

    • Engine: Briggs & Stratton, Heavy duty, 4-cycle, 5 H.P.
    • Fuel: Lead-free gasoline Type
    • Thermal Fogger: Using oil-based Fluids
    • First Stage: "Friction-disc" that pre-heats oil based formula
    • Second Stage: Exposure to hot exhaust air-blast
    • Filter: Is both Cleanable and / or Replaceable
    • Flameless low temperature Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.5 gallon
    • Formulation Tank Capacity: 5 gallons (Accessible, extra-large fill area reduces spillage)
    • Engine Running Time: 1.25 hours
    • Starter: Manual

    ZV40,000 Dimensions

    • Shipping Dimensions: (L)25" (H)21" (W)25"
    • Weight: 63 pounds / Shipping Weight 68 pounds


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